Why there will never be an iPhone killer.

In the tech world new innovations are constant. Remember when the Motorola Razr came out? It was $400 to get one. But it was the hottest cell phone on the market and a lot thinner than any previous cell phone. Well there hasn’t been a cell phone to shake up the market in terms of design and functionality until Apple released the iPhone. According to Comscore Blackberry has a substantially larger share of the smart phone market, around 40% to Apples 20% I have plenty of office mates that sport iPhone 3GS’s and they are bad ass. I still personally lust for an Android. There are many security features only offered on Blackberries at the moment that make them so I.T. friendly.

Apple set a new standard in the smartphone market when they released the iPhone. Apple has a style of their own that could never be replicated, a culture of innovation. No other smartphone will touch the iPhone or ever be as iconic, but that doesn’t mean there will never be a better smartphone option. You will have smartphones and you have iPhones.

Most I.T. departments will most opt for a Blackberry. Techy programmer types will most likely opt for Andriod, and everyone else with a little extra cash to burn will go iPhone as it makes you instantaneously trendy, especially when the iPhone hits Verizon.

A few years out from now the Android platform will eclipse the iPhone. When I say eclipse, I mean more users, more apps, more handsets. Google has deeper pockets and more vested interest to control the mobile web platform which is predicted to be at least 2x desktop web when it begins to mature.

The release of the Nexus One was no game changer with a $500+ price tag unlocked. Don’t even mention the fact that Verizon and Sprint customers are left out in the cold for until spring, maybe even longer for Sprint users. But the process of releasing and Android app versus jumping through the hoops with Apple means more apps on Android platform in the long run, with a lot of catching up to do. The variety of manufactures that are creating Android handsets like, Motorola, HTC, Samsung, etc. means many choices, and better choices as they compete among themselves. There will be an Android handset with a more robust feature set than the an iPhone 3GS, but there will be a new iPhone that still kicks it’s ass if not feature wise definitely in the form factor. And we’ll still make apps for both.

So lets retire “iPhone killer” in favor of iPhone -vs- gPhone

In a war like this, the consumer will see lots of features and benefits as they one up each other.

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