Why I go rogue and go Google only

A lot of times I hear clients, SEO consultants even Rand, and others talk about other search engines. Then I ask myself what other search engines. Google is top dog and has been for a while and when the day comes that Google is no longer the top search engine we won’t be using search engines any more. Instead we’ll be asking SIRI because typing is soooo old school. I have yet to see a client get the top spot Google and not be happy. There is too much traffic on Google and too much effort involved in getting the top spot in order to focus on any other search engine. Yahoo is a carcass of the company it used to be and the latest comScore report shows that they are at their lowest level ever…15.5% There shareholders are sick of lackluster results as well but that’s another story. Who even uses Yahoo? Or AOL? or ASK.com? I would guess they are people who still use Windows ME and still have a Motorola Startac flip phone or no cell phone at all. There is nothing wrong with using older technology or inferior search engines if that’s your style.

Here at Incept we focus on one search engine and thats Google. 10 years later these search engines are still playing catch up to Google’s algorithm. If you want spammy search results head over to Bing or Yahoo. Bing is nothing more than a Yahoo’s results rebranded, I wonder how long that will last. If you want to rank on one of those search engines buy an exact match domain name. Don’t worry if the only one left is a .mobi, you can rank that on the first page of Yahoo or Bing. Seriously an algorithm that doesn’t even filter our non top level domains that are an exact match, it’s almost as if a 6 year old wrote that algo. Just realize that for every 1 customer you get on Yahoo or Bing you would have gotten 6 on Google.

Google Marketshare

Google Marketshare

You don’t have to take my word…head over to comScore and check out the latest market share numbers. Effective SEO will focus on Google as a search engine and nothing else for the foreseeable future.

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