Social Fresh Tampa – Social Media Conference

So Fresh was Feb 8th in Tampa. I think we all know by now the everyone is claiming to be a social media expert. Yep it’s the new hot thing right now as everyone knows. But some of us really eat, sleep, and breath this stuff. Social Fresh was from 7am – 5pm and what they were dishing out was so good that I may need to get seconds in St. Louis.

After handing out some door prizes one in which a winner performed jumping jacks while running I caught the first presentation from Spike Jones of Brains on Fire. I made a sweet choice. Spike talked about their Fiskateers program and how Brains on Fire crafted a social media strategy that created Brand Advocates for Fiskars. Your talking scissors folks. It doesn’t get any less exciting when it comes to scissors except for this.

Anyway their strategy involved and a process of requiring a potential fiskateer to send a sentence or two explaining their interest. Once accepted they were received a special pair of scissors that you can’t buy in the store. In other words swag for the next scapbooking event that will have everyone wanting to put their paws all over your scissors. And that creates conversation about Fiskars. People promoting your brand. It’s free and it’s what social media is about. My two paragraphs don’t do this presentation justice, but some other points Spike made. What do you have after advertising in traditional media? NOTHING! The ad campaign stops. Lastly, and I used this while talking to a prospect the other day. We use caller id to block out telemarketers, Tivo to skip commercials, Satellite Radio to skip more commercials. Pop Up blockers online to bock ads, Spam filters to….You get the point.

Next up after sucking down caffeine and some brief networking was Maggie Fox of Social Media Group. Have you ever listen to someone talk and you can just tell they definitely know WTF they’re talking about. This lady knows her stuff and was one fast talking Canadian. At about this time I realized that no matter what else happened the rest of the day I have definitely gotten my money’s worth. I stumbled upon a nice RFP on Social Media Groups Website. Hand it to the next self proclaimed social media expert you find. Maggie talked about Earned Media and Social Ads. This is a concept that had never crossed my mind other than Facebook’s Pay per click. Social Advertising or using PPC to drive traffic to various social media efforts. She stated with much fanfare from the crowd that “Viral Just Happens” viral in social media is the equivalent of a NY Best Seller for books. Again you really need to see this in person to get it.

Greg of Blue Sky Factory Talking about including your social media links on your email marketing. Adding a way for fans on your Facebook page to subscribe to your email list. Segmenting your email lists and a few other things that will help you grow your email list. Good stuff.

Lunch made time for networking, returning phone calls and email, Wii tennis, photo ops, Flip Cam (Kodak Zi8) interviews and all the other social media goodness that happens at So Fresh.

There was a tremendous amount of live tweeting going as one would expect at an event like this. After lunch Chris from GM presented on using social media in a crisis which I quickly realized wasn’t for me. IMO they have a mediocre product not a crisis. Toyota has a crisis. I skipped over to Using social media for internal and enterprise use. Ehh. Not my cup of tea either so I ended up in the Social Media for Social Good presentation. We really like to help non profits, we helped 4 last year with pro-bono development. I learned about Chip In >> The next day we had this embedded on on They have raised $520 already from using this. Kick Ass!

Cassandra from Intercontinental Hotels talked about how they use community networks to generate revenue and get feedback. They also build trust and even let their member in on info that isn’t privy to the general public. It’s interesting how people respect that trust.

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