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Pay per Click vs Organic Search

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website to appear in search results for keywords related to your business in order to generate more traffic interested in your web content. Search Engine Optimization is used primarily to increase sales and revenue for businesses selling products or services. It is important to contact an SEO consultant as soon as you make the decision to move forward. If you possible you should speak to someone even before purchasing your domain name.

Ranking in Google

The first question of anyone interested in Search Engine Optimization is…”How long will it take for us to rank on the first page of Google?

Optimizing a website to appear in Google’s search results is a complex and dynamic process. Our goal is to eventually become the best resource on the internet for our desired keywords. Does your website deserve to rank for your keywords? Over 200 factors are included in Google’s algorithm and it is an ever changing equation that SEO consultants, and Internet Marketer alike are attempting to decipher and sometimes manipulate. Another determination as to how quickly you will rank is the strength of the competition in your vertical.

SERP CTR Based on Rankings

Where you rank is important as well. Each position you increase in the search results increases the amount of traffic you receive with the #1 ranking term getting twice as many clicks as the #2 ranking. Currently a majority of the space on Google Search is devoted to non paid “Organic Results”. 75% of users click on the organic results versus the 25% that click on paid ads. An organic search strategy is the foundation for an effective revenue generating internat marketing campaign.

On Page Ranking Factors

While a majority of SEO takes place off your website, there are some important elements to on your website that need to be addressed in order to achieve the highest possible rankings. In addition to some proprietary techniques we may also employ some or all of the following:

Optimization of Meta Tags and Page Titles, Search Friendly URLS, Usability, Easy to Navigate, Quality Written for Human Content, Link Quality and Structure, Proper Heading Tags, Optimize Images Proper Robots.txt File Structure, etc.

Off Page Ranking Factors

Google Search Algorithm

Off page optimization is far more important than anything you can do on your website. It is also where SEO companies tend to diverge in their strategy and methods. We can go into great detail about our techniques in this area on our website for more detailed information we suggest an in person consultation. The gist of our methods involved relevant link building in similar verticals as well as building the authority of your domain.

Edging out the competition

A comprehensive web strategy is essential for most businesses in order to remain competitive amongst other businesses within your space. Part of edging out your competitors is selecting the right company to implement your search engine strategy. Your strategy has to be crafted from techniques that will ensure long term rankings and as Google’s algorithm changes your strategy needs to evolve as well to retain rankings and remain Googles choice as the top result.


Every month you can view custom reports within your own client dashboard to track any number of metric. The great thing about search optimization is that everything is trackable in terms of visitors, leads, conversions, calls, revenue generated, and ROI to your website in relation to organic search efforts.

Web Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most robust web analytics software solutions available and luckily it is free to use. Some users are even able to view realtime information as this feature is currently being rolled out to all accounts. Google Analytics offers a multitude of metrics over many dimensions. Analyzing this data to derive actionable insight is a skill only cultivated with experience and demonstrated with proven results.

Social Media and Search

As you can see with the launch of Google + pages for businesses social media is become an increasingly larger part of Google’s algorithm as they attempt to create search results that are more customized and poignant. As SEO becomes more and more competitive Google is paying special attention to eliminate low quality websites and content. Repetition within social media is a metric Google and other search engines are now using to determine quality content. Since Google is indexing the entire internet they can see a link map of all the domains that point to your website and public social content and news content written about your website. Some social websites essential for businesses include Facebook Pages, Twitter, FourSquare, LinkedIn, and Google Plus Pages.

Local SEO

Local SEO is critical for a successful campaign as more users enter a local qualifier when conducting a search. Everyday new review aggregators websites appear in addition to the already existing sites like Yelp, AngiesList, HotFrog, MerchantCircle, GoogleMaps etc. In addition to these national review websites each metropolitan area will also have specific local directories. You will also notice that when searching a specific local term i.e. “tampa pavers” a Google Map listing will appear above the organic results. So it’s important for most local businesses to have some type of local strategy incorporated with their organic search engine optimization campaign.

Pay per Click vs Organic Search


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