Pay Per Click

CHART: The Effectiveness Of PPC Objectives

Q. In your experience, how effective has paid search (PPC) been at accomplishing the following marketing objectives for your organization?

87% of business owners think PPC is an effective way to increase lead generation.

49% think it’s Very Effective.

Incept Design can get you set up on Google AdWords or optimize your existing account AdWords account for better performance. Paid search advertising is a quick alternative to appear in Google search results for keywords most relevant to your business. We work closely with business owners to establish the most effective strategy to dominate your competition on Google. Below we outline the process of getting started with Google AdWords.

PPC Discovery & Analysis

Discovery Meeting – During the Pay Per Click discovery meeting, our PPC people get to the root of your marketing goals and objectives. We’ll go over raw keywords and identify metrics that will serve as benchmarks for the success of your PPC campaign.

PPC Keyword Research – With the discovery phase complete, we can engage in some exhaustive competitive research to identify target keywords using highly effective industry tools. We then review and analyze your site’s titles, descriptions, and content to determine the most appropriate pages to target with each keyword.

PPC Campaign Design

Proper PPC campaign structure ensures keywords will be driving traffic at the most competitive bid price. Our PPC experts kick off your program with geographic targeting, network targeting, and keyword clusters that help define campaigns and adgroups. We narrowly target adgroups so that your ad content, keywords, and landing pages are cohesive and support each other from a content and marketing perspective.

PPC Campaign Development & Launch

Once your PPC campaign and adgroup design are finalized, we create ads and select landing pages most appropriate for the given keywords. A minimum of 3 ads is generated for each adgroup for performance testing. Then it’s time to launch the campaign by submitting keywords, ads, bids, and landing page URLs to the search engines chosen during the campaign design process while expediting keyword submission and editorial review.

PPC Management Services

Now the fun begins post PPC campaign launch! We offer ongoing management services to track and monitor the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns via reporting tools like Google Analytics and more, depending on what conversion metrics are being used

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