Network Data Security

In recent years we have seen Sony, IBM, ADP, CIA, Fidelity, UBS, Morgan Stanley, TJ Maxx, The Pentagon, Blackberry, Intel, U.S. Senate, and many more companies become hacking victims. While no environment that involves humans can be totally secure there are many steps you can take to help prevent a security breach within your company. Solidifying your network infrastructure and educating employees about social engineering is the best defense against hackers.

Ninety percent of companies that suffer a data breach go out of business within that year. Only 11 percent know the source of a security breach. A data breach of client or proprietary information can lead to enormous unbudgeted costs as well as an erosion of trust in your business.

All business are required to shred/encrypt/protect all sensitive data and all businesses are required to notify affected parties of a data breach.

How would you rather spend your time?

Incept Design can conduct a security audit of your employees and network and help you prevent a costly and damaging breach in security.

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