HTML 5…and Apple’s myth

By now most people have heard of HTML 5. But what the hell is it? Its a some new tags and a lot of Apple hype. If you go to Apple’s website you can see what Apple calls an HTML 5 gallery. But they’re only fooling Apple fanboys and fangirls. Let’s get the record straight to begin with. Job’s and Apple are holding back the web and screwing their consumers at the same time (that’s another post). Back to this galley, for one you can only view the HTML 5 gallery with safari. Sorry, but when did HTML only work in safari. And if you can do so many great things with HTML 5…why doesn’t Apple’s gallery work when you disable javascript in safari? And why does Firefox and Chrome render more of the HTML 5 tags than Safari (6/2010). According to Jobs this technology replaces flash. Well we can tell you that is bold face lie. Another pandering excuse for not allowing flash on the Apple platform, an in effect denying their consumers a lot of content.

Second we can tell you there is nothing magical about HTML 5. But will pave the way for a lot of “Web Apps” or websites that behave more like robust software. The benefit to this will be better portability, a second backup to data, seamless upgrades, a familiar environment on any computer and much more. Second you will be able to drag and drop things, play video without a plug in like flash, or silverlight. See where you are via GPS (GeoLocation). It’s surprisingly accurate, within 20 meters in my case. The biggest effect from HTML 5 will be the decline of Microsoft, which isn’t offering support until IE9. Remember Web 2.0, AJAX, so on and so forth, well HTML 5 builds on this concept making it more robust

And all the eye candy you see that involves movement on the web is powered by javascript or flash. And HTML will never replace flash in the near future, nor will HTML 5 replace flash ever. Flash is becoming more and more of a niche platform but it still has plenty of life left. The release on Flash Catalyst has also rekindled my interest in Flash.

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