7 things every entrepreneur can learn from Holly Holm’s post fight interview.

1. Understand your market, the competition and the problem you are solving.

2. Train – Mentally and physically. Always be on a quest to hone your skills and learn new ones Be ready to adapt to any changes in the market or competition. Take up an exercise routine. There are numerous benefits to you both mentally and physically from something as simple as a 20min walk 3 times a week.

3. Have a strong team of people pushing you every day to improve and reach new limits, but don’t take yourself too serious. You’re just a ghost driving a bag of meat and bones on a fleck of dust in the universe.

4. Be prepared for unexpected opportunities.

5. Don’t reveal your game plan to anyone.

6. Remain focused on the immediate goal and eliminate unnecessary distractions. (i.e. email, cell phone, other co-workers)

7. Stay Humble.

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