15 web apps for web designers.

Evernote – If you an idea person like me you would enjoy using Evernote. I use it for random ideas or long term thinking, goals, plans, snippets from the web. It’s great for note taking at conferences, or idesa I want to revisit but don’t have time for at the moment. Even future blog posts etc. My latest Evernote I created involved listing my biggest mistakes I have made since launching my business a sort of mind hack I got from lifehacker.

Square – You need to get paid! Paypal is cool but Square is cooler. You can take credit cards on your cell phone (Android or iPhone) or iPad and you even get a free credit card reader. You can swipe or key in the card number and you don’t need a merchant account, credit check, or contract. Squareup.com

Codeanywhere – This is a nice app although some may not like the fact that it requires you to enter FTP information for website that you want to work on. This app basically allow you to access web files and edit them inside of a nice web interface. It features an FTP client, Syntax Highlighting, and unlimited undo/redo in case you muck something up.

Trustfax – We all know that Fax machines will become obsolete some day. But occasionally you need to send or receive a fax. Sometimes more often if you have a lot of clients that aren’t close by. Trustfax lets you receive faxes through your email and send them via the web.

Google Voice – I like Google voice for many reasons. One you can track and have a history of all phone calls to your Google Voice number online. All messages are saved and transcribed. They are translated into text and sent to you via SMS (not sure if that is a Sprint or Android only feature). You don’t have to give out your personal phone number to clients. If you get annoying sales people calling you, there is a feature to block them or any number. If you setup websites for clients and want to track the number of call they receive you can by setting them up with a Google Voice number.

WorkEtc – I love the piece of software. It handles money, invoices and expense tracking. You get project management with Gantt charts. There’s lead tracking and embeddable forms to add on to your website that will feed in the leads contact information. It’s CRM + Billing + Project Management = Bad Ass. All for under $40/month for one user. Integrates with Google Apps and they even have an app for Android/iPhone.

Remember The Milk – After I setup a website and how do I remember to bill my clients at exactly 12 months afterwards for hosting? I don’t haha….that’s why I use remember the milk for long term to do’s that I need a reminder for via email or SMS.

Google Analytics – Not sure if you heard the news or not buy you can view real time web traffic in Google analytics as well as new social metrics like +1′s. Not that Google Analytics wasn’t already the cream of the crop when it comes to web analytics software. Unless you want to spent some coin on Ominture.

Google Apps – If you follow my blog or know me personally you may gather that I am a Google whore. I wear Google clothing, rock an Android, give my clients free Google AdWords cash, Plaster Google stickers on my Mac, sign up for every Google beta, think that Internet Marketing is synonymous with just being on Google. I even still use Google Wave (love the meeting templates) and the list goes on. Now be forewarned I have read an interesting blog post about how one company was locked out of their documents and was S.O.L. On Google’s Business App website it says that they offer support and I have never had and issue but redundancy and backups are key for any business and you have no one but yourself to blame if you lose data. With Google Apps you get 25gb of storage, the most robust web based email solution around with IMAP support. Google calendar (use syncmate to sync with iCal), Google Docs w/ real time collaboration, and Google Sites, great if you want to build an intranet with no coding skills, and it’s a lot cheaper than Microsoft Enterprise server. Did I mention Blackberry and Microsoft Outlook interoperability. I think this is how Google will break into the Enterprise and introduce the Android platform to execs.


Dropbox – Dropbox is great for syncing files across multiple platforms and computers. At one time I had a PC, Mac, and a Linux box that I was using for my business. The intern was stuck with the PC, and I was transitioning from my Linux computer to my Mac. Dropbox was great as it played nice with all the platforms.

Box.net w/ FedEx Office enabled – Usually I wouldn’t recommend more than one storage app but box.net doesn’t require any downloads and has a slick drag and drop web interface. If you were lucky enough to score an HP Touchpad just download the box.net app and you will have 50gb of storage which is a real nice deal. Another great feature of Box.net is the ability to add in apps for greater functionality. You can integrate with LinkedIn, Salesforce, Google Docs, Office, FedEx Office and a shit ton more. I also run a Land Surveying company and we can print Surveys directly to FedEx on half sheets (18” x 24” paper) from our box.net account. I like that.


Summify – If you haven’t signed up for Summify I highly recommend it especially if you use twitter actively. What Summify does is help filter out the noise by looking at your twitter stream or Facebook account and showing you the top 5 news stories that were tweeted or shared by your followers. If your following the right people you will see some great information that you may have missed.

Google Plus – Google plus is a great social network despite what Steve Yegge says. It’s growing but with only 40 million users it’s mostly geeks and early adopters. Find the right people to follow and you can find some interesting reads in your stream. Finding the right peeps depends on your industry.
LinkedIn – The value in LinkedIn revolves around seeking out the right groups and discussions. It’s another great place to get social with like minded folks and avoid the personal chatter of Facebook.


Cloudflare – It’s a hackers world these days and you can never be too secure. Protect yourself and your cloud. Cloudflare is great for reducing bots and web scrapers. It speeds up your websites, reduces spam, and blocks threats. You can also view blocked threats and see how much bandwidth Cloudflare saved you.


Google Music – This is still in beta but if you need an invite email me and can send you one. This is basically iCloud for Android. It works seamlessly in the background by syncing a folder that you specify and if your on a Mac you it will sync your iTunes folder. Now you have have access to your music anywhere you have internet. You can even specify the amount of bandwidth it can use. Perfect for coders who like to rock headphones and ignore everyone….can’t you see I’m in my zone : )

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